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Supper and Show in the historical heart of San Telmo. Four Centuries of History. More than 120 years of Passion of Tango. Everything to live it in one night.

The show of Michelangelo leans on the enormous figures of Gloria and Eduardo Arquimbao and company.

Michelangelo chose these two artists for their trajectories together as great teachers, their world-wide fame and their high artistic value on stage.

With more than 30 artists on stage, the show recreates tango histories from its beginnings to the modern tango of Piazzolla and Mores.

An imposing body of dancers accompanied by the live orchestra and the incredible voice of our singers makes a spectacle worth of envy by any spectacle of the world.

The building of Michelangelo was already standing towards 1849. Its antiquity, its architecture, and the history that hides in it, makes it a unique place in the city of Bs. As. The land that it occupies is an active part of Argentine history from century XVII. By excavations made in its cellars it was possible to reconstruct customs already forgotten from the colonial society.

Today Michelangelo stands out to offer a supper show in unique surroundings, in the same center of the historical heart of San Telmo.

In the district of San Telmo, heart of the historical helmet of Buenos Aires, the streets are made of paving stones and replace tango breezes.

The choreographies of Gloria and Eduardo, two great ones who took the tango to the world, beat in the historical walls of Michelangelo and dazzle with their extraordinary unfolding in scene. An impressive body of dance accompanied by the incredible voice of our singers and the live orchestra, gives the tango all its passion and revive the history of Buenos Aires through its music.

Crossing the historical tunnel of Michelangelo will make you feel part of the history of this emblematic building, that was constructed at the time of the colony and where singers and dancers of worldwide notoriety have been.
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