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Cataratas del Iguazú
Iguazú Falls

4 days / 3 nights.
Air Passages.
Transfers in Iguazu.
Lodging for 3 nights in Iguazu, with breakfast.


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Argentine waterfalls
Brazilians waterfalls and Itaipú Dam. The city of Port Iguazu is in the northeastern region of the Argentine Republic, 300 km to the north of the capital, Posadas, and limits with Brazil and Paraguay by means of the confluence of the rivers Parana and Iguazu.

Tourist place par excellence it is the greater water spectacle and forest that exists on the face of the Earth by the majestic of the Iguazu waterfalls, "great waters" in Guaraní language. Excursions:

Port Iguazu, Misiones. Argentina:

Devil´s Throat
Indescribable by its beauty and energy that excites all of us, offers an impressive mixture of noises and landscapes. Unloseable.
Duration: 1:30 Hs. Difficulty: without stairs.

Green footpath
A long walk by the forest density, where it is possible watching birds, butterflies and a bathing inside the forest. Access up to the inferior and superior circuits.

Train of the Forest
A circuit of ecological trains in the middle of the forest and bordering the river that allows the visitor to be transferred within the Park and to arrive until the accesses from the footbridges and attractions.

Inferior circuit
A set of footbridges strategically designed that they allow to the diverse views of the waterfalls and an intimate encounter with falls and charmers corners of the forest. Duration: 2 Hs. Difficulty: with stairs.

Circuit Superior
Access to the magnificent panoramic views of the Cataracts and the delta of the Iguazu River formed by a set of leafy islands.

Duration: 1:15 Hs.
Difficulty: without stairs
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