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Informacion Util en Argentina Buenos Aires
Informacion Util en Argentina Buenos Aires

Do you have a passport in use with a minimum validity of 6 months?
If you travel with minors, do you have the necessary documentation?
According to the destiny, do you have the necessary visas?
Do you take your plane tickets and coupons for terrestrial services?
Additional: driver's license and valid credit card?

Medical insurance
Do you have medical insurance in destiny?
For a better comfort and safety, do you want Assist-Card?

Give to your travel agent a special contact to reschedule the flights
Do you have the frequent traveler number to book your flight?
Do you prefer a particular seat?
Do you want to request excursions?

In destiny
Do you have the hotel booked?
Do you want to reserve the transfer to the hotel?
Do you want to rent a car?
Do you want to request excursions?


Passport: to enter it is necessary that it is in force.
Visa: according to the native country, consult in your embassy or consulate.
Vaccines: they are not demanded, with the exception of the cholera and the yellow fever ones to the travelers proceeding from countries in which these diseases are endemic.

Customs *
Declare photographic cameras, video cameras, computers and other goods of foreign industry that enters to the country.
Tourists of not bordering countries remain exempt from any charge on personal effects and new articles that are not over U$S 300 of value. The rest of this amount will have to pay 50 % of taxes..

Likewise, U$S 300 can be added in the acquired goods in free shops in national territory.

Medicines: consult with the embassy or consulate of the country the legality of entering with certain medicines or drugs. Remember always to take the medicines prescribed in their original packages.

* Consult with the National Administration of Customs for possible changes in the resolutions.


Checked luggage
Domestic flights*
up to 15 kg in tourist class
up to 30 kg in executive class

International Flights*
From/ to USA/Canadá: two pieces of 23 kg each one, of 157 cm (length + width + high)
Rest of the world: tourist class 20 kg. Business class 30 kg. First class 40 kg

* Check with the airline for possible changes.

Size: maximum 55 x 40 x 20 cm
Weigh *
Tourist class: up to 6 kg.
First class: up to 9 kg.

* Check with the airline for possible changes.

Minors' luggage
Minors under 2 years of age do not have the right of luggage (with the exception of the pram, carrycot or cradle).

Luggage excess* 1, 5 % of the direct normal tariff of the departure of tourist class is payed per kilo of excess in flights of Argentina to Europe.

*Check with the airline for possible changes. Likewise each company reserves the right to accept or reject the luggage excess.

Loss of luggage*
The report is given to the airline which sold you the trip. Do not leave the airport without doing it and request a copy of the form of complaint to notify it to the assistance service to the traveler (the report is the only proof to demand the indemnity for the loss).

* Check these indications with your traveler's insurance because the requirements can change.

Flight reconfirmation
Flights schedules should be control 48 hs before departure because they can be modified.

Give to your airline the telephone number of the hotel in case of flight reschedule.

Whenever you modify some flight of the itinerary or if you are not present in the moment of departure in anyone of the confirmed flights, re-confirm the rest of the route because the reservation system cancels the subsequent flights.


Consult the restrictions and costs for the date modification, cancellation or return of tickets.

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Argentina has a wide climatic variety: warm and humid in the “pampas”, cold and humid in the west extreme of the Patagonia, subtropical in the north part of the Mesopotamia and hot in the Northwest. From November until March, the average temperature is 23 °C and, from June to September, 12°C.
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